000 Extra Fine wire wool 150g

000 Extra Fine wire wool 150g

000 Extra Fine wire wool 150g
per pack

1 x 150GRAMS WIRE WOOL 000 Extra Fine stripping wood metal use with gloves

Wire Wool 150 grams

Grade Medium

For stripping wood metal

  • Perfect For Cleaning Mouldy Taps, Sinks & Dark Stains - Aside from wire wool rats, our steel wool 0 can also be used for cleaning inside the home. Remove the dark stains and restore your things to make it look brand new. Dust or mould is expected.
  • Go To Grade 0 Steel Wool For Fine Pieces -  grade 0 wire wool is not coarse unlike other brands. Fine wire wool 0 is as soft as cotton and is perfect for cleaning. Makes surfaces like metal and wood, even few types of plastic, very smooth.
  • Wire Wool For Wood & Metal - Fine steel wool can give a final finish to wood worktops & kitchen countertops. Our wire wool for metal is also great for cleaning up metal tarnish. Ideal for buffing up vintage flatware without marking or damaging it.
  • Useful For Gentle Non Abrasive Polishing -  it can also be used to polish very delicate items. Get a great shine & no visible scratches. It can brilliantly clean a glass, vases, & windows.

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