10 x Flap Discs 115 x 22mm ZA80

10 x Flap Discs 115 x 22mm ZA80

10 x Flap Discs 115 x 22mm ZA80
PER 10

115mm x 22.23 - grit Z80 - Flap grinder disc for grinding steel and stainless steel. Shape 27A with depressed-centre design for grinding curved surfaces. This shape creates the perfect angle of 15° - 20°

2in1 Ultimate performance - Perfect for grinding curved surfaces. Suitable for high alloyed steels, stainless steels, unalloyed and low alloyed steels

Excellent lifetime & stability - Our STANDARD quality line is for craftsmen looking for the perfect all-rounder. It offers excellent lifetime and comfort while delivering exceptional work results

Ideal grinder wheels for convenient and quick use with small and large angle grinders for working on smaller tasks in hard-to-reach application areas. Reduced vibration and noise considerably improve your level of comfort while working

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